Charcoal Brushes

I was trying out some charcoal brushes on Photoshop to loosen up a bit on my drawing style. Usually I use clean lines and vibrant colors which sometimes can make it quite difficult to just sit back and enjoy the image you are drawing. With using charcoal and just grey scale colors I feel a […]

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Night Spirit

After looking trough the holiday photos, one of them stood out for me a lot. It is a photo of a burial mount in Denmark. The composition of the photo and the atmosphere of the location made me think of ancient spirits and gods people used to believe and pray to. It inspired me to […]

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Baltic Holiday (Latvia)

At first, we were thinking of just passing through Latvia with stopping at Riga just for a few hours, however it was a bit too much travelling in one go and we needed to find a place to rest before going back home. So, we stayed overnight which gave us a lot more time to […]

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Baltic Holiday (Estonia)

After taking a ferry from Stockholm, we arrived at Tallinn in Estonia the next morning. We stayed just for one day, but we did our best to take in as many views as we could. The city does have some similarities to the Scandinavian places we visited earlier. Might be because they shared quite a […]

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Baltic Holiday (Sweden)

Next stop – Stockholm. Took us 7 hours of driving all the way from Denmark but the scenery helped with the long drive. Stockholm is very big, so many islands and bridges connecting them. Can’t even imagine how many weeks you need to stay to explore the whole city. ‘’Vasa Museet’’ is a museum based […]

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Baltic Holiday (Denmark)

Second stop of our trip was Denmark. We took a ferry to get there and stayed near Copenhagen for several days. Copenhagen is a gorgeous city and I was quite impressed by the amount of people that used bicycles to get around. Also, finally was able to see the famous ‘’Little Mermaid’’ statue by the […]

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Baltic Holiday (Lithuania)

Lithuania was the first stop of our trip around the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. Here we visited several places like ‘’Grūto Parkas‘‘ and „Kryžių Kalnas‘‘. Also, enjoyed beautiful scenery from a top of watch towers and had a nice evening outside by the fire, cooking meat and sausages.  

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Pride Month

I was out yesterday celebrating Pride month in the heart of London. It was truly an amazing sight – so many diverse people coming together with acceptance and love!

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Black Country Living Museum

After our visit to Stonehenge, we travelled further up North to see Black Country Living Museum. This museum showcases the world’s first industrial landscape with staff members dressed appropriately for that period. They were very eager to tell stories about people and their daily lives in Dudley expanding a 200-year period. This museum has a […]

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This weekend we visited Stonehenge. I lived in UK for almost 10 years now and it was getting a bit embarrassing to think that I have never made a trip to one of the Wonders of the World. Also, it was my first time driving in UK – first time driving on the WRONG side […]

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