2019 Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration in London was going on today – on the 10th of February. Which is also my Birthday. So, to celebrate, we went out to see the parade. Also, we made some Birthday muffins. I wish everyone a great year of the Pig!  

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Lunar New Year Lion Dance

Since we had some free time on the weekend, we decided to visit Chinatown today and stumbled upon an interesting display. Now, I have to admit – I do not know much about the traditions that go with The Lunar New Year. So, when I saw people dancing around in colourful costumes, I first thought […]

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Bunny Hop

  I made this infinite runner in Unity. Did everything from scratch myself. Of course, it’s not a masterpiece level of art, but it works for a simple game like this. And since I am not a programmer, the hardest part in making this game was writing the scripts. I was following one of the […]

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Cube Boss

Some years ago, I worked with an indie team making a 2D game demo. The game was called Goob’s Cube and I was the lead animator. We hoped to finish the demo and find some funding to make the finished game. I made a ton of animations for the project. Unfortunately, like many other indie […]

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I drew this family portrait some time ago now. Maybe last year? I am not sure. I really need to organise my art more. Well, that’s one of the reasons why I’m regularly updating my blog now. Anyways, this is the family portrait of the main character from the upcoming game Spirits of Tallagone (https://www.stoneveil.com/). […]

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Dinosaur Walk Cycle

I was inspired today to make a rig on Unity 2D of a Dinosaur and create a walk cycle for it as well. The animation came out quite smooth looking, but more then anything, I wanted to show the bone rig and IK on the character.  

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