Sticky Cats

Sticky Cats

Sticky Cats is project I have been working for a while now. It is a magnetic puzzle made out of 81 colorful cat pieces that fit together nicely into one picture. I am planning on putting it on Etsy once several of them are made and ready for sale.

Sticky Cats Print 1

Sticky Cats Print 2

Sticky Cats Cut

The idea of this puzzle came after finishing my first picture on Adobe Illustrator. I always had trouble with vectors. In order to learn and get more comfortable with vector drawing I made a personal goal to do a picture full of cats drawn directly on Adobe Illustrator. After going through several days full of anxiety and annoyance I did manage to pull through and finish the image:

Kity's Galore

The idea of a puzzle made in a similar fashion came to mind afterwards and I am excited that it will be soon ready to share with the rest of the world.

Sticky Cats Logo

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