Lunar New Year Lion Dance

Since we had some free time on the weekend, we decided to visit Chinatown today and stumbled upon an interesting display.

Now, I have to admit – I do not know much about the traditions that go with The Lunar New Year. So, when I saw people dancing around in colourful costumes, I first thought that they are imitating a Chinese Dragon! However, after some reading on the web, I believe that what they are doing is something called – The Lion Dance. They go around local shops and homes, bringing good luck. In exchange for the fortune, people feed the lion some greens like lettuces with a red envelope hidden among the leaves. After the lion eats the envelope with the greens, he scatters the leaves – thus spreading good luck and signalling a fresh start for the New Years.

The festivities are still on going in London. The Lunar New Year celebrations will continue on the 10th of February and we are planning on going to see the main parade in the city.


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