It’s the 1st of March! I can finally say that it’s officially Spring!

I know I haven’t been updating my blog lately, but no worries – I am always busy, always drawing.

We made a lot of progress on Spirits of Tallagone. And not just on the art side but programming as well! Very exiting time and hopefully we will have leaps of progress in the upcoming months!

And just for some visual interest, here are some photos taken of my sketch book that I constantly draw in:

Also, I was looking into some great artists lately and one has stood out to me – Kim Jung Gi. Seeing him work is just mesmerising. I suggest looking up some videos of him drawing in real time. He basically draws directly onto a page and doesn’t use any sketch lines. How does this guy make such great images so freely?

Well, I looked up some more videos on this direct/automatic drawing techniques and some have suggested to free up your mind and just let your brain go wild. Just draw onto a page without thinking too much. Something like this:


I am not sure if this will help me in the long run on my own drawing techniques, but I can say that it is very relaxing procedure. Just let you pen go freely and your mind relaxes with it.

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