Cube Boss

Some years ago, I worked with an indie team making a 2D game demo. The game was called Goob’s Cube and I was the lead animator. We hoped to finish the demo and find some funding to make the finished game. I made a ton of animations for the project. Unfortunately, like many other indie […]

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I drew this family portrait some time ago now. Maybe last year? I am not sure. I really need to organise my art more. Well, that’s one of the reasons why I’m regularly updating my blog now. Anyways, this is the family portrait of the main character from the upcoming game Spirits of Tallagone ( […]

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Dinosaur Walk Cycle

I was inspired today to make a rig on Unity 2D of a Dinosaur and create a walk cycle for it as well. The animation came out quite smooth looking, but more then anything, I wanted to show the bone rig and IK on the character.  

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Smoking Pig

I drew a sketch of this anthropomorphized pig man sometime last year and decided to scan in the sketch an colour it. I wanted to add some shadowy figures in the background and maybe a neon sign saying ”Bar” or something similar to it. However, whenever I tried, it did not came out alright and I […]

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Clementine and AJ

So, I finished the 3rd episode of The Walking Dead Game Final Season. I am so happy that Skybound took over and managed to carry on with the development of the game. Clementine’s story needs to have a proper wrap up and leaving it out in the open would have been very disappointing. To be […]

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January Holiday 2019

Sorry for no updates. I‘ve been on a holiday last week – went back to Lithuania to visit my parents. And of course, whenever I‘m back home, we always go out to nature. I‘ve missed snow so much. We barely ever have it here in London so I was quite happy when it was snowing […]

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Tarot Card – The Star

  I really enjoyed making the previous Tarot Card piece and I have inspiration to make another one. This time – The Star. At the moment it’s just the line work, but with more work put in, it should come out as a fully coloured image by the end of the week. 14.01.2019 Update: I did not work on […]

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