Tarot Card – The Sun

I was inspired by Tarot Cards to do some stylised sketches resembling them. This is one of those sketches and it represents The Sun Tarot Card. Although I did not manage to finish the whole image, I am quite happy with the clean line work done in 1 hour. I will keep updating on the […]

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Today’s 1-hour challenge is of Viridiana from The Night Angel book series. I am currently reading the last book and I am very intrigued on how the story will end. As for Viridiana, I am quite impressed on how this character managed to grow on me because I did not like her at the beginning […]

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Keeping up with a team of Pigs, today’s quick drawing is of Pey’j from Beyond Good and Evil. I have played and finished this game a long time ago (sometime in my early teenage years). However, a few days ago I started replaying it again and I am enjoying it just as much as I […]

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Piggy Run

I would love to make more art and animations this year so I thought of challenging myself with at least a 1-hour drawing every day. Even if I just doodle in my sketchbook or make a short 4 frame animation like the one above. Make it my New Year’s Resolution! Hopefully I can keep up with it. And […]

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Jellyfish Parade

A girl leading Jellyfish Parade. Not sure how this idea came to me, however I was inspired to draw some jellyfishes one day and this piece was the final result. I do like how the jellyfishes came out in the end. They are quite colorful and vibrant looking against the dark background. I might do […]

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World Map

I had an opportunity to create a map for the main areas in Spirit’s of Tallagone Demo – The Decosta Manor, The Forest and The Mine. It was an interesting experience and quite challenging because it was something out of my comfort zone when it comes to drawing. I have Middle-earth and Westeros maps on my wall and they were […]

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I am currently working on a in-game scene that will involve star constellations as a method of telling a brief history of the game world. Here is a concept of the old man that will be telling this story to the players: I don’t think we settled on an official name for the man, but […]

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