Now You See Me

We were out yesterday and found these cool looking wire statues in Westfield. They were made by artist David Oliveira for #nowyouseeme campaign to end youth homelessness.  

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Falling Waters

Did a quick image of the Main Character from Spirits of Talagone. I am not sure of the setting she is in, but it looks like some sort of magical fantasy waters.  

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It’s the 1st of March! I can finally say that it’s officially Spring! I know I haven’t been updating my blog lately, but no worries – I am always busy, always drawing. We made a lot of progress on Spirits of Tallagone. And not just on the art side but programming as well! Very exiting […]

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2019 Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration in London was going on today – on the 10th of February. Which is also my Birthday. So, to celebrate, we went out to see the parade. Also, we made some Birthday muffins. I wish everyone a great year of the Pig!  

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Lunar New Year Lion Dance

Since we had some free time on the weekend, we decided to visit Chinatown today and stumbled upon an interesting display. Now, I have to admit – I do not know much about the traditions that go with The Lunar New Year. So, when I saw people dancing around in colourful costumes, I first thought […]

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Bunny Hop

  I made this infinite runner in Unity. Did everything from scratch myself. Of course, it’s not a masterpiece level of art, but it works for a simple game like this. And since I am not a programmer, the hardest part in making this game was writing the scripts. I was following one of the […]

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