Tarot Card – The Sun

the sun (header)the sun (line work)

I was inspired by Tarot Cards to do some stylised sketches resembling them. This is one of those sketches and it represents The Sun Tarot Card.

Although I did not manage to finish the whole image, I am quite happy with the clean line work done in 1 hour. I will keep updating on the progress and I am exited on seeing how the end product will look.

the sun (basic colours)

Another hour of work put into the image. As you can see, it has the basic colours now and I will continue with placing in the shading later on. (07.01.2019)

the sun (shading)

Took me an hour to draw in all the shading. The hair took the majority of time to make but I do love the way it came out.

At the moment I am not sure what will be the next step, but I will just keep drawing and see where it takes me. (08.01.2019)

the sun (face details)

I focused today a little bit more on the face and hair. I added in highlights on the hair and softened up the shading on the face. I also took out the details on the jewellery because it’s shading and highlights looked a it unfocused. (09.01.2018)

the sun (softened)

I am really liking the progression on this piece.

Today, I softened the whole image by colouring in the dark outlines. I also added tome sun rays and found a free star texture to place in the dress.

It feels like the image is getting to the point on how I imagined it when I drew the first sketch. There is still more work to do but I am confident it will come out looking great! (10.01.2019)

the sun (directional light)

Today I realised that the shadows I placed on the character did not make any sense considering the main light source was coming from below. Well, no big deal. It can be fixed. However, if I took a bit of time to think about the image before drawing, I could have saved some time. But these things happen and sometimes the best way to learn is by amending your mistakes. (11.01.2019)

the sun (final)

I added some minor details today as finishing touches.

The background sun rays are from the Sun Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck. I used it for inspiration for this whole piece and wanted something to showcase it even in some small way.

Also, I changed up the exposure on the overall image to darken up some of the colours. I am happy with the finished image and I am ready to move on to something else. (12.01.2019)


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