Tarot Card – The Star

the star (header)


the star

I really enjoyed making the previous Tarot Card piece and I have inspiration to make another one. This time – The Star. At the moment it’s just the line work, but with more work put in, it should come out as a fully coloured image by the end of the week.

14.01.2019 Update:

I did not work on this piece today because I had a commission to finish. Luckily, the client was very happy with the way it came out and I am feeling very uplifted!

I should have some more free time tomorrow to place in the basic colours. I am quite looking forward to it because it is one of the most relaxing stages of digital art.

17.01.2019 Update:

Ahhh! I did not work this piece for the last 2 days! But, I do have a great excuse – a new episode of The Walking Dead Final Season came out! I had no choice but to play it! And I did get inspiration to draw the character from the game. So the truth is that I still continued my 1 hour rule this year, but the drawings are in my sketchbook at the moment. I think I will draw something from the game after I finish up with this image.

the star (basic colours)

As for today – I placed in the basic colours and a bit of shading. I am ready for the next step – continuing with more details and maybe softening the whole image.

28.01.2019 Update:

Well, my holiday is over and I am back to drawing. This here is the final of The Star image. I guess I could add more details to it but I ended up liking the rough look of it. I think I can move on to something new.

the star (final)

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