Clementine and AJ

Clementine and AJ (Header)

clementine and aj (sketch)

So, I finished the 3rd episode of The Walking Dead Game Final Season. I am so happy that Skybound took over and managed to carry on with the development of the game. Clementine’s story needs to have a proper wrap up and leaving it out in the open would have been very disappointing.

To be honest though, part of me is scared that I might not like the ending of these series. I can see it only going two ways – either Clementine dies or she lives on. If she dies, then we have just another generic tragic hero’s story. If she lives, we will always have an opportunity for a sequel and no real end for her story.

Either way, I am looking forward to the last episode and I hope I will enjoy it.

As for this art piece, I was inspired to draw something related to the game after finishing Episode 3 of the Final Season. At the moment it is just a sketch of Clementine and AJ reading. I will continue with adding more details to the characters and the background. Like always, I will put at least 1 hour of work into it every day until it is finished.

30.01.2019 Update:

I did not get a chance to work on this image today. Very busy with my day job, appointments and meet ups. And I did not even manage to finish everything up today. And I am really kicking myself for not being able to put in just 1 hour of work into this, but hopefully I will find some more free time tomorrow.

31.01.2019 Update:

Added basic colour to the piece. I wanted to experiment a little bit more with colours this time so I did not just choose one colour and block out each sections on the characters (clothes, skin, hair). This time I added a little bit more variety. It created a messy look but I will clean it up with added line work later on.


01.02.2019 Update:

Today I added some more details to the faces. It took me a while to do even if it does not look like much of progression. However, little by little the whole image will be finished.

Clementine and AJ (Face Details)

02.02.2019 Update:

Finished the piece! Added more details, corrected the colours a bit here and there. But in the end, still kept it more to the sketchy side. I was planning on adding more line work, but it came out quite alright as it is.

Clementine and AJ (Final)

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