January Holiday 2019


Sorry for no updates. I‘ve been on a holiday last week – went back to Lithuania to visit my parents. And of course, whenever I‘m back home, we always go out to nature.

I‘ve missed snow so much. We barely ever have it here in London so I was quite happy when it was snowing in Kaunas when we landed.

Gaižiūnų Miškas

The second day of my visit, we went to Gaižiūnų Forest and I wanted to share a few photos of the place:

Kleboniškio Miškas

This is a forest very close to my childhood home. I‘ve been in this place so many times that it almost feels like a second home to me. And it look so beautiful in winter:

Trakai and Kernavė

We visited Trakai and Kernavė on the same day. Had to get up very early because we did not want to loose daylight. It gets dark really fast in this time of the year.

We went to Trakai first and visited the Island Castle. I remember I went to the castle a long time ago on a school trip but that was during the summer. I‘ve never seen it in the snow and never walked across the frozen lake surrounding the castle:

The next stop was Kernavė. It is very old and very Pagan. Very beautiful in the snow, but it does make me want to visit this place during the summer as well:


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