Cube Boss

Cube Boss

Some years ago, I worked with an indie team making a 2D game demo. The game was called Goob’s Cube and I was the lead animator. We hoped to finish the demo and find some funding to make the finished game.
I made a ton of animations for the project. Unfortunately, like many other indie teams – our motivation went down and the project has failed. Most of the members went their own way and I was left with all the finished animations and nowhere to put them.
Well, today I was looking around in my old files and found one the characters I made for that game. It was supposed to be the final boss for the demo and I decided to play around with this character. I cut out all the layers, placed it in unity, made sprite meshes and bones and animated a walk cycle.
It was quite fun to do. And even through I’m still sadden that our project has never left the ground, at least I can have some fun with the old files I have left over. And who knows? Maybe one day it can be revived again.

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