Bunny Hop


Bunny Hop (Header)

I made this infinite runner in Unity. Did everything from scratch myself. Of course, it’s not a masterpiece level of art, but it works for a simple game like this. And since I am not a programmer, the hardest part in making this game was writing the scripts.

I was following one of the official unity tutorials on their website on how to make an infinite runner type of game. And you would think that it would be quite easy – just follow step by step what you are told to do and you should have the game all completed in no time. But no. As I found out, it does not work like that. There was always glitches and other random errors popping up. I had to spend loads of time on support forums, looking and learning how to fix all the bugs.

In the end, I got it as close to what I wanted and left it at that. At the moment, I just wish I knew how to implement a highest score bar at the end of the game and maybe change the font of the score numbers on the side of the screen. But I am happy with it overall.



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